Integrate Eventleaf with Third-Party Applications

Eventleaf integrates with 3rd party applications to provide enhanced reporting and capabilities such enhanced web stats, tight integration with CRM solutions, video conferencing platforms, Lobbytrack visitor and hybrid space management platform and other advanced features.

Integrate with Salesforce

When an attendee registers for your event on Eventleaf, their information can be pushed to your Salesforce account where the attendee will appear as a lead.

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Integrate with Marketo

When an attendee registers for your event on Eventleaf, their information can be pushed to your Marketo account where they will appear as a "person".

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Integrate with Google Analytics

Link your Eventleaf event page with your Google Analytics account to view detailed web stats such as page views and user information.

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Integrate with Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx

Integrate your virtual sessions with your choice of video conferencing platform, such as, Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx. Control access and track who attended the virtual session.

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Integrate with YouTube, Vimeo

Integrate recorded video presentations of webinars, virtual trainings, and product demonstrations hosted on your choice of video hosting platforms, such as, YouTube, Vimeo, with virtual sessions. Control access and track who watched the recorded video.

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Integrate with Zapier

You can allow any 3rd party app that is integrated with Zapier to also integrate with Eventleaf. For example, when someone registers on Eventleaf a trigger on Zapier can be set to add the registration data to another system.

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Integrate with Membership Database

You can restrict registration for your event to a list of members that you manage. Members will be asked to provide their membership ID to register and their information will be auto-populated into the attendee form.

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Single Sign On & 2FA

Maintain control over who has access to your event management portal by configuring single sign-on with Okta / Azure Active Directory. Users in your Okta / Azure Active Directory account will be granted access to Eventleaf, and if removed from Okta / Azure Active Directory will also have their Eventleaf access revoked. Eventleaf also provides a first-party two-factor authentication to strengthen your sign-in security, so your event management portal and information can be as secure as possible.

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Invite Attendees to Your Facility and Manage Access with Lobbytrack

Easily manage your attendees and allow them access to your facility through Lobbytrack. Book follow up meetings and reserve shared spaces for your event attendees for when they arrive.

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Lobbytrack Eventleaf Integration