The Cvent Alternative that is Better than Cvent

Some users may find Cvent a little confusing and pricey. Is there a Cvent alternative that is as good or even better for your event? The short answer is yes.

Eventleaf: The Best Cvent Alternative

Below you will find several reasons why Eventleaf may be the best conference and event management software for your event.

More User-Friendly than Cvent

Eventleaf is one of the industry's easiest to use event registration and check-in apps. Cvent might have a learning curve, but with Eventleaf, you can sign up right now and create your conference in seconds.

The Cvent website features can be very difficult to customize by yourself. With Eventleaf, you can build and customize a professional-looking mobile-optimized website in minutes.

Easy To Use Event App
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More Economical than Cvent

  • Eventleaf beats Cvent in budget-friendliness. Cvent can turn out to be very expensive if you are using all of the features Cvent promotes on its website.
  • Eventleaf has a clear and upfront pricing structure, whereas Cvent only reveals its price after you request a demo.
  • Eventleaf is free to try and use for up to 100 participants and an unlimited number of events and hosts.
  • With Cvent and its other alternatives, you pay extra for every app that you use. But, with Eventleaf, you are free to use the entire event management platform without paying extra.

As Powerful As Cvent

With Eventleaf, you can:

  • Host in-person, hybrid, and virtual events
  • Organize conferences and events of all types
  • Create and promote your event website
  • Send out invitations to participants
  • Allow participants to register online using the Web App and Check In App
  • Communicate event highlights and updates through Eventleaf Guide App
  • Collect payments online and at the event
  • Print event badges in advance or at the venue
  • Collect leads by scanning the barcode on the attendee badges
  • Conduct surveys and collect feedback after the event
  • Manage abstract submissions
  • Integrate with Salesforce, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and tons of other apps
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Free for Unlimited Events

Unlike Cvent, Eventleaf is free to use for up to 100 participants and an unlimited number of events and hosts. No contracts, no credit cards, no commitments. Try it, use it, keep it.