Increase Event Engagement with Gamification and Prizes

Eventleaf offers simple and effective gamification features to help you influence attendees' behavior, encouraging them to participate in activities that matter to the success of your event. To get started, enable gamification from Eventleaf's Communications screen and set up points for participating in various activities. Eventleaf automatically aggregates each attendee's score and allows managers to announce up to three winners, with exciting prizes waiting for them before they sign out.

Guide Attendees' Attention

You can use gamification to influence the attendee's workflow in ways that lead to your event's goals. For example, if you would like an exhibitor to collect more leads from a trade show, you can set up points for viewing that exhibitor. Or if you'd like more people to attend a session, you can easily do that by setting up points for engaging in a session. Similarly, you can award points for viewing sponsors and speakers and responding to sponsored or unsponsored polls and surveys.

Mobile App Engagement
Survey Engagement

Encourage Interactivity

You need to run surveys or distribute polls, but how can you make sure attendees will participate? Meetings and conferences are boring when nobody is asking questions. You can use Eventleaf's gamification feature to define points for filling out surveys, asking questions, and being responsive during the event.

Reward Responsive Attendees

List down prizes for the winners and use them to incentivize interaction. Attendees can view the incentives in the Guide App and the Attendee Portal and be prepared to participate in the activities. Eventleaf adds up the points for different actions and allows managers to announce up to three winners.

Offer Prizes
Event Exhibitors

Attract Sponsors and Exhibitors

Gamification can help you generate revenue from sponsors who want attendees to view their information, session, or booth, participate in their polls or surveys, or ask questions during their sessions. All you have to do is: incentivize attendees by awarding them points for staying responsive during the selected activities.

Increase Event Registrations

Pique attendees' interest in your event by letting them know exciting prizes are up for grabs. Depending on the nature of your event, you can offer cash back, company swag, or even iPhones or other gadgets as prizes. Promote the prizes through social media and your mailing lists to accelerate event registrations.

Increase Registration
Gather Feedback

Collect Live Attendee Feedback

Know how your event is performing in real time and take actions to prevent and address problems. Use brief surveys and incentives to gain insights into your event's success in real time. Learn about the most popular activities, sessions, exhibitors, and sponsors and use this data to improve future events.